ISO Code Container

27 nov 2011

Iso Code Zeecontainer

New ISOL x W x H in feetFeet mark*Description of containerOld ISO
20G020 x 8 x 820'-general container2000
20G120 x 8 x 820'-general container with ventilation holes2010
20H120 x 8 x 820'-port hole reefer container2040
20T020 x 8 x 820'-tank container2070
22G020 x 8 x 8,520'20'GCgeneral container2200
22G120 x 8 x 8,520'-general container with ventilation holes2210
22V020 x 8 x 8,520'-highly ventilated container2213
22RO20 x 8 x 8,520'20'RFintegral reefer container2230
22R120 x 8 x 8,520'-integral reefer/heated container2232
22H220 x 8 x 8,520'-thermal insulated external container2242
22U020 x 8 x 8,520'20'OTopen top container2250
22U120 x 8 x 8,520'20'OTopen top container - removable top2251
22P120 x 8 x 8,520'20'FLATflat rack with fixed ends2261
22P220 x 8 x 8,520'-flat with fixed corner posts only2262
22P320 x 8 x 8,520'-flat with collapsible ends2263
22P520 x 8 x 8,520'-open sided container2265
22T020 x 8 x 8,520'20'TCtank container - non dangerous liquid2270
22T520 x 8 x 8,520'20'TCtank container2275
22B020 x 8 x 8,520'20'BULKdry bulk container2280
25G020 x 8 x 9,520'20'HCgeneral high cube container (9,6)2500
25R120 x 8 x 9,520'20'HCRFintegral high cube reefer container (9,6)2532
28U120 x 8 x 420'-half height open top container2650
26T020 x 8 x 420'-half height tank container2670
28P020 x 8 x 420'-platform flat2960
42G040 x 8 x 8,540'40'GCgeneral container4300
42G140 x 8 x 8,540'-general container with ventilation holes4310
42V040 x 8 x 8,540'-highly ventilated container4313
42RO40 x 8 x 8,540'40'RFintegral reefer container4330
42U140 x 8 x 8,540'40'OTopen top container4350
42U140 x 8 x 8,540'40'OTopen top container with removable top parts4351
42P140 x 8 x 8,540'40'FLATflat rack with fixed ends4361
42P240 x 8 x 8,540'-flat with corners posts only4362
42P340 x 8 x 8,540'-flat with collapsible ends4363
42P540 x 8 x 8,540'-open sided container4365
42B040 x 8 x 8,540'40'BULKdry bulk container4380
45G040 x 8 x 9,540'40'HCgeneral container high cube (9,6)4500
45R140 x 8 x 9,540'40'HCRFintegral reefer container high cube (9,6)4532
48U140 x 8 x 440'-half height open top container4650
48P040 x 8 x 240'-platform flat4960